Virgo girl compatibility

Whereas, the Earth element in the Virgo female makes her a down to earth person, sensible and also quite reliable. The Libra man is ruled by the planet of Venus, also known as the Goddess of love, and it deals with all the matters related to love and money. Libra man personality also signify sensual, sympathetic, lovable and romantic.

He is very affectionate, kind-hearted and romantic in nature. He is also quite cheerful and optimistic in life which makes him a very lovable person. Virgo woman characteristics are intellectuality, sensiblity, compassionate and sensitivity. She is quite analytical and logical which makes her deal with situations more practically, while coming up with inferences.

This amalgamation of the Earth and the Air elements, makes the Libra man Virgo woman compatibility, an interesting yet a wonderful partnership. Libra Man And Virgo Woman: The Love Affair The love affair between the Libra man and Virgo woman is quite confounding as both of them are emotional and sensitive, yet may have problems to face.

The Libra man is ardent and emotional in his essence and thus readily forms a strong connection with the Virgo woman. She on the other hand, is as gentle, soft and tender as she is cranky, irritated and furious. She is a combination of all these emotions depending on the type of mood she has. Inspite of these shortcomings, she is very helping and caring in Virgo characteristics is generous and is a warm hearted person, which he admires a lot in her.

She also adores the fact that he is so full of joy and zest because of the ruling planet of Venus on him, which has a positive impact on her and the relation. The Libra male is someone who likes to share his happiness and love with his partner, as he thinks it is important to form a beautiful association, to continue experiencing a compatible life together.

As both of them are sensitive and sentimental, the Libra man and Virgo woman love compatibility will undeniably reach great heights. There are instances where they do differ, which may bring up issues in the relation. As the Libra man is too sentimental, there are chances where he may forgive his partner of the commited mistakes, but on the other hand, it is a tad bit difficult for the Virgo woman to forgive someone.

To her, a mistake is a mistake and there is no way running behind the bush whereas, for him, one can always repent over the silly mistakes one had committed which is forgivable. She is ready to let go of things that may or may not be precious to her, to save any kind of trouble in their association as per Virgo compatibility. He, on the other hand, is someone who has an innate ability to love and be romantic, and thus will try his level best to ensure there are no hardships in the relation between them, making sure that the Libra man and Virgo woman compatibility is filled with benevolent experiences.

The physical relationship that they share is also full of affection, passion and tenderness. He is romantic and charming, she is compassionate and sensitive along with being very caring and warm hearted. This combination works well for them, making the art of love making even more passionate and sensual. Libra Man And Virgo Woman: Benefits And Challenges If Libra and Virgo both take care of a couple of issues that may prevent them from being apart, emotionally and physically, the Libra man compatibility with Virgo woman will turn out to be a splendid and an engaging alliance.

The Virgo woman has to see that she is not being too critical about him or herself, which can help in removing the negativity in the relationship, if any. The Libra male, on the other hand has to make sure that he deals with her mood swings in a better way, by understanding her situation, rather than being dissapointed. The Virgo woman is a devotional lover and will never leave her partner for petty issues that rule the other relationships. She is, thus, ready to be lead by her partner, ready to give up her desires, ego, self-esteem and try to fit herself in the relationship, and become one.

The Libra man likes sharing his happiness and thus will make sure that she gets enough of the soft, tender and magnificent love, and share it with her to enjoy the endearment even more. Thus, the compatibility between Libra man and Virgo woman, will blossom like a scented flower if they are true to each other and themselves. Share on.

Aquarius Man & Virgo Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Life Meter Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Compatibility Check out how well will your wavelengths with others match. More Compatibility for you. Astrological Elements. Also the Aquarius man makes her feel as though without her sexual pleasure he cannot go on living. One thing that Aquarius man and Virgo Woman have in common is that they are both dreamers by nature. They are both indeed very intellectual beings, but that does not stop them from dreaming. Besides the magnetic sexual connection and dreams they share, there is not much else going on between them.

In fact with time Virgo woman may also find her Aquarius man less considerate about her. And after a while, once they are off with their pleasant talks and all the common traits start diminishing, the negative traits start showing and making the relation worse. In this relationship, the partners have to accept each other as they are, rather than trying to change each other or else it can end in a bad and unworthy relationship. Married to Aquarius 5 yrs and he is not affectionate enough. The rest is great.

He is kind, a great provider, gallant, has good manners, and other great qualities. We are living in our car. I am smothering him. Patience and perseverance are the key for our relationship. Struggling together, working through this challenging phase is creating alot of growth in our marriage. Foolish reply in my opinion. What qualification do you have fir saying he will not change his mind? Life is an adventure and an Aquarian man wants to live it all. It would be moronic to suggest a man with the highest humanitarian ideals want to be no be part of or share that adventure.

The OP has made a valid concern based upon but a flicker of this mans imagination. His current development as a Man may well not be ready to see that this woman is the corner stone by which he explores life. He is in orbit so high above mundane thinking that he probably has not realised the intent and dedication this woman serves to him. He will.. She simply needs to maintain her love and support. She may benefit from gently reminding him she is there and the importance of her role in his life, but I assure from the bottom of my heart he has chosen her because he recognised the strength and importance she represented and so far only sips.

Big sips. The day will come when he has drunk oceans of dreams, ideas and experience and his super vigilant brain recognises exactly how much of it all he owes to her love for him. You, with one unsubstantiated perspective have unpicked a stitch in that tapestry thst she will try to fix relentlessly until she proves it to be true..

You have just robbed her of her hearts true path.. I have lived more than several life times in my years. The savage crass stupid immaturity of your thinking brings tears to my eyes for the angst you have set in this woman. I so much hope she gets to read my scolding of you.

Virgo Man And Virgo Woman Compatibility In Love Match

I hope she reads what I have written and prints it out and leaves it somewhere she knows he will quietly find it. He has a magnificent woman working very hard to be the best for him. You have no idea how much energy it takes for her to hold the kite of his mind in her hands… and what.. Please stay away from sharing your dismally destructive advice. Write your replies in emails to yourself.. Based on what you have written today I am saddened to think that is the quality of your thinking in making your own world. Your comment was bitter and shallow..

You are a fool. It has been a wonderful relationship overall for both of us. It is true that they need space. It is hard for me to do that sometimes, and I have shared that with him. But he appreciates that I give him that and that I have my own life outside of our relationship. I am thankful that from that he understands that when he comes back to me, I need him to be present. The sexual chemistry and sex is the best I have ever had. I do not see him as selfish in bed one bit! He is very giving and likes to see me enjoy myself. The biggest advice I would have for a Virgo woman new to dating an Aquarius is to enjoy the time you have with them, be open, honest and give him space.

I am a Virgo and have had relationships with two Aquarius men who loved and adored me for years. I am a typical Virgo , homey but could be very devilish at times. My Aquarius men loved me being crazy, unpredictable, passionate but the only way was to keep his interest is to bring him close and then push him away as well as keeping a mystery. As soon as you start being caring nice girl, they get bored. No, they love it , but just a little! Lol,I was relaxing during my bitchy times.

The sex was the best with Aquarius as he adored me and tried very hard to please. Found difficult to keep the intensity of relationship longer than years, so left before it completely died down. But they could be the best dating material , so enjoy the moment. My lover is an aquarius male with scorpio moon and capricorn venus and mars. I am a virgo female with pisces moon, virgo venus and leo mars.

He is the best. The most caring lover ive ever had. He would do anything to make me happy and to please me. He loves me so much and I feel so protected and guided by him. Aquarians love to influence people and leave their mark on them, teach someone their unique ways of living and life perspectives. He loves to know he has an important role in your life. At first he was rather cold, passive-agressive, he did not know how to show his emotions and that bothered me.

I woke in him qualities that were always there he was just afraid to express them. You will discover he is a rare diamond. He is family oriented, emotionally stable but at the same time very fun. He makes me be more relaxed and I take care of the details that he often misses. We complete each other and the most important thing is that I dont want to change him and I accept him completely. We are extremely attracted to each other. I am deeply in love with him and I truly believe he is my soulmate. With him by my side I had the opportunity to experience the most fulfilling period of my life.

Look at other parts in his natal chart before making the decision. Take care xx. Please avoid aqua men like plague!!! I tried to ignore the negative comments thinking everyone is different but nope, got all the disappearing acts, wishy washy-ness, etc all the crazy ass shit just after a few weeks of dating. My longest and best relationships have always came with Scorpio girls and oh my god was it great when it was great.

I just feel that my Virgo partner is extremely bland and a little too awkward in social situations. I like to go out and party sometimes but at the same time there are days where i just want to cuddle and watch Netflix forever. Im a virgo women and my hubby is Aquarius.

I Never seen such an irresponsible lazy idiot in my life. Though im running my family. Truely he is a selfish fellow. Please suggest me how to handle this lazy idiotic bug… Or Divorce is the only suggestion. I know how you feel, i went through everything you are talking about. I called off the wedding and left him. Its not worth it. Moreover, it seems your man has attributes of liquor and he has some shits deep buried in his past.

That does not sound like an Aquarius Man, because most are very good at making money, and they are very capable of helping other people…. I am currently dating an aquarius and im a virgo. He makes me so happy and he wants me to move in With him but I want us to take it easy.

Virgo compatibility table

The key is to have good communication, and be honest, and tell how you feel. Let him have his freedom, if he wants you, he will come back No matter What. And I have My own life. But otherwise i am open. O i was where you were once. I am a virgo woman, who fell in love with an aquarius, at the beginning it was magical, and i fully gave him my trust and his freedom. He cheated on me i would say more than 12 times, lies, irresponsible, depends greatly on me and my paycheck, and boy does he have temper tantrums. After 2. I also agree. I am a Virgo woman with an Aquarius man. They are selfish lovers.

Have no imagination in bed. They are selfish in every day life also. They only love themselves. He is not what I consider a man. He is a selfish child. I am a strong provider, protector! I am not selfish in the bedroom! Is this different with me because my sign is so close to being Capricorn? Even in bed i think this article is very true because I tend to have many different ways to go about it. It can be very close and emotionally intimate or just straight out getting freaky.

I agree! I am a virgo and I was in a relationship with an Aquarius for almost 3 years. They are so selfish its disgusting. He cheated, lied, depended on my paycheck, he was so lazy in every aspect in life. He had temper problems and it was scary. His negative energy was too much, and he was a selfish-child. Not a true man. Well all of you guys seem to really suprise me on your comments but Im confused.

I met a Aquarius man about 3 months ago and we hit it off. We would see one another and tect and call then all of a sudden he shut down on me. I need help I really dont get it but I would love to know how to spark his interest in me again???????????? Aquarius Men run when they find themselves getting to close.

They run from love in fear of getting hurt. When they start to care or they feel their emotions getting stronger, they will run.

Thats easy.. Aquarians lose intrest if it takes to long to feel a sexual connection. Thats a big way how we show are feelings for you. I am a Virgo woman married to an Aquarius man. That article is on the money. My husband is vey selfish and the things that I do for him out of the kindness of my heart he expects them but not appreciate them, He does not do anything nice for me, like him being with me is a prize within its own entity.

As long as he gets what he wants everything is fine. Needless to say, I deserve to be loved, happy and treated with respect so I will soon be divorced from this nightmare. And hopefully find someone that treats me just as good as I treat him! I am never getting that time or energy back. What I can do is close that door.. Good luck to you and life does get better without them! Very insightful and informative for those that are entering this match relationship.

Communication is parramount for these two! I can understand your possition of opinion here, and express my condolences for the heartbreak between you and your husband. We after all have faced similar issues ourselves within our relationship and have over come them by instituting better ways to communicate our thoughts and feelings with each other. As well as have you been honest about your feelings reguarding this and communicated them in a formate other then just bitching about his coldness or his need for freedom of space with a rellentless intent?

To the contrary of your sumation. I will say that we as Aqurius men do care a great deal about our loves well being and over all happiness in our relationships once we commit. And if he has dedicated himself too you? He dose care a great deal for you and is concerned greatly over all those aspects of your well being.

Dispite how you only see his demeanor as other wise. Our idea of romance is telling you how we would like keep your scantily clad bodys chained to our beds! But to right off all Aquarian Men as cold distance assholes that are only considerate to their own needs is a misdirected missle of poor personal experiences rolled into discontentment of your failing marriage. My advice is approach this thru a calm rational conversation and let out the hurt feelings and talk too each other like adults! The benifits for both are worth the effort In this!

My aquarius man was amazing at the beginning. After the 5month point, o boy! He started getting so cold towards me, never appreciated anything i did, and almost expected me to do everything for him. I later found out he was cheating left and right, and using my money to pay for the motels. Broke my heart into peaces. Left him and never looked back. I wasted so much time, energy and money on him.. Same as my case. Hes Aquarius and Im Virgo. Emotionally drained out. He tore my heart apart few weeks back. Went quite and after almost a month send me sweet msg tell me he s been missing.

Go fuck yourself off. I know in my heart i love him so much. But Im totally done being treated like a fool. She opened up to me on our first date about deep things and I liked that. I carry a lot of weight too, from my family, but I can see that in her. I see myself and a future with her.