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Generally speaking a Virgo - Sagittarius relationship tends to be Difficult. Astrology Libra Sagittarius. Can a Libra man marry a Sagittarius woman? What is the compatibility between a Virgo-Libra cusp woman and a Sagittarius man? Who is best compatible with a Sagittarius man? Is Scorpio woman compatible with Sagittarius man? What is the power of Libra and Sagittarius? Are Sagittarius and Libra compatible? Would a Sagittarius woman and Libra man have a good marriage? Is a Libra woman and a Libra man compatiable? So is his apparent pliability. The frightening thing is that an extremely upset Aquarian is perfectly capable of such shocking action.

At least, not more than once. But sometimes they can forget to distinguish between the sexes in the throes of excitement. Couple that with the Uranus unpredictability, and it does add up to a possible squirt of grapefruit juice in the eye. It could be something as splendid as winning the Nobel Prize. Lots of Aquarians achieve such distinctions. On the other hand, a large percentage of disturbed Aquarians are weekly visitors to a head shrinker. It may be kind of tricky to tell the difference. Some Uranus-ruled men have a fetish for cleanliness. You may bump into one who shrieks if anyone uses his towel or breathes on his oatmeal.

Back of this is an almost neurotic fear of germs and illness. To be honest, more likely. But life with him can still be glamorous, even without the mink. Who needs mink? No flinching or wishful thinking. Here it is.

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The way the impasse usually starts is that the Aquarian makes beautiful, wonderful, glorious friendship the basis of the love. Easier to slide away from later, my dear. Where do we go from here? Nowhere, usually. Aquarian men find it difficult to relax in physical expressions of love. That first goodnight kiss may be a long time materializing. When those run out, he can think up some pretty imaginative new ones. What if his boss sends him to Alaska next year? You might die of pneumonia up there, and he would be grief-stricken the rest of his life. Someday, a producer might just discover her.

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Then how would she feel if he had held her back by marrying her? Worse yet, how would he feel? Just plain selfish and guilty. But all is not lost. Suddenly, of course. Once an Aquarian has chosen a mate, he figures he can concentrate on more important things. Uranian sex is part of a larger image or ideal. The situation that made him feel -guilty could be almost anything, from the disapproval of your parents or conflicting religions to an old boy friend not completely discarded, a promise he made to himself at the age of eight, or something he once read in a book.

The Aquarian will always let his heart break silently, lest his friends hear and ask questions. The worst of it is that hell never give a reason for the break. How will you know that? It can make for some nasty romantic traffic snarls. Not that such a feat will change his feelings. You may gather from all this that a Uranus man can be pretty stubborn when it comes to love. You would be so right. His fixity in affectionate matters can drive you straight into the booby hatch or drive you to someone else in desperation. Because he knows what makes you tick.

Putting the shoe on the other foot, an Aquarian can arouse a heap of possessiveness in you when the tables are turned. You can expect the truth when you ask him a direct question. You may regret your suspicions when you spend a few hours in abject misery wondering if he really did tell that redhead she was gorgeous. Naturally, there are a few Uranian men who are wealthy, even millionaires, but a high income bracket is seldom a burning ambition. All the rich Aquarians you see probably stumbled on it. Who knows?

He might want to take a trip in a time machine someday, and he wants to be sure to have the fare. The children will find him the greatest listener on the block. He married you for several reasons. Though romance may play its part, the most important reason was to have you around-so he would always have someone to mash his baked potato, cross-stitch his buttonholes, find his lost articles and operate on an occasional splinter. His idea of a good wife and mother is quite simple: a woman who keeps at it almost constantly. Even the more liberal Aquarian husbands will frown on a glamorous gadabout.

He may be about all the challenge you can take. Not the first date, but the first girl who ever gave him a rainbow. Uranians frequently marry childhood sweethearts years later,or cling to a faded illusion. An Aquarian can usually describe his first love in detail, which can be annoying to a wife. The solution is to be that first love. Who else could turn peanuts into emeralds or vice versa, never mind a little grapefruit juice in the eye?

Despite his general romantic clumsiness, he can come up with sudden phrases which could only have been invented by the angels. Who says it has to be on December 25th? It can be any dme you want it to be. He may go for days or weeks or months without a single word of romance or affection. Jingle bells on the seashore, birthdays at dawn. I wish you a Frank Merriwell ending.

But be careful. You can get lost out there in Wonderland. Link to Part He is strangely attracted to me. But he is a bit hard to read. Sometimes he is very touchy and affectionate and then not at all. So, I may have to say se ya. But, darn it would have been fun! I am an aquarian. If your aquarian man is acting strange for you then chances are he is close of being hooked.

And if anyway he dares to say that he loves you, just believe it with close eyes. For he will not cheat you. Aquarians just are honest when it comes to love. Only if you scare them they run and hide until they feel that their lover is ready to accept them again. But they will not cheat you. Aquarius men are proud of their honest nature and their belief on truth.

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When they love someone they think that this is beyond all the usual things in that earth. I mean the ordinary stuff, memorized attitudes or popular images. This is my testimony about the good work of a man who helped me. My life is back!!! After 8 years of marriage, my husband left me and left me with our three kids. I felt like my life was about to end, and was falling apart.

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Thanks for stopping by here. Wish you luck and god bless you! Tell me. Do you guys remember kisses and touches. Dose it process into your,mind heart. I mean do you think about it as being special, intimate, and do you desire to reconnect. Or, do you need time to reflect and be alone immediately, after itimacy,weeks on end, or even months. Is this of truth? Just started getting involved with an Aquarius man, I have always avoided them because I had heard they were a terrible match for Leos, which I am.

It is a good thing, because I have learned now how important a moon can be in your charts. Guess what? I have an Aquarius moon. So it is so neat to read about Aquarius people, because I feel like I am reading about myself. A part that I was not aware of. I can relate. I am really surprised! Thanks for the read. They are detrimental to your sanity, peace of mind and happiness. Block his number and maintain your distance. Do not answer his texts or take his occasional calls. Most Aquarian men are horrible human beings with a direct line to the devil. Save yourself.

Thanks for stopping by here and for the comment. I wish you all the luck and best wishes, may god bless you and your relation flourishes! I am a Gemini Female and attracted to Aquarius male…. Will he tell you or show you? Should I tell him first? I put it all myself there. I would suggest to get the book as its going to be worth the money spent.

But if you are took keen to get a soft copy, I guess some P2P site would be having it. Being involved with an aquarius man is not a joke.


One day he is so remote that you feel that you are nobody to him and that the relation is over and the next day you will find him calling you up and talking and behaving that I am the one for him. Are you single? Sanjukta, Thanks first of all for stopping by here. I had a glance at your blog, very impressive! Tell me you are single Ha ha, never got asked like this.

Rajashree — Wow is that so? Year for us to meet our soulmates? Aman hurry! Where are you moving from Banglore? I love CCD so how about a cup of cappucino. Yes I have only read one post. As I love to read some times to write as well, you can find some of them here on my blog good poetry, I loved that post. Will be reading the entire blog very soon. Yes sanjukta, we are supposed to meet our soul mate this year.. One thing makes me question you…. Aquarians are hardly despo for a relationship…and how come you are?? Let Linda say what she wants,lets not lose our sleeps for her sayings Apologies if I did.

Soul mates do exist but I believe, to let souls only to find each other. Rajashree, am 32 and never had a relationship, never. And i never meant anything serious to you sanjuktha nothing direct either … it was just pure curiosity….! Thanks for saying that you are not angry. Today , I really had a tough time hearing things which were really hurting and upsetting and your reply came as a nice cool breeze. Sanjukta, No such thing that I removed you from Twitter.

I was using my pda for accessing net and some how, while checking your profile it got removed. I never even realized that it is gone. This is the place for my thoughts on my personal things. But, still, yup DEAL! Will add it to my reader! If they come back? Mad, silent treatment, accepting, forget the whole thing happened, I just want to be friends. Aman, You are an Aquarius man. What is your suggestion? Pamela again…. If everything is fine, you would be lovers only. Yes I can be silent for some time but that too would not happen just like that, there would be some reason for sure for it.

If the Aqu man comes back, just welcome him and try not to talk about what ever happened much. Well, my Aquarius guy and I are having the emotion issues. I am a Leo and expressive, so difficult opposition. The ex-fiance called him a month ago. Now he is freaking out about commitment and marriage, which I never brought up… With me.. I believe… not communicating well.. Or, he is thinking about getting back together with her??? Not saying, but will tell me that he loves me and needs a cooling off time. So told him that I was giving it to him.

Now, I am nervous. Because, I tend to try to solve things immediately. Not quite sure what to do. But, when he comes back, I am afraid my Leo temper will go off handle. And that I will be stupid!!!! So, should I just walk away?? Oh, I am so confused and too old for this. Hi Pamela, I see your post was in I am wondering how did it ever work out with you and your Aquarius guy? I will admit they are a real hard deal with like automatic heart breakers! I just stumbled upon this blog by accident. We had actually met in December online. We talked for a few months and then I stopped communicating with him told him I was fed up with my search and if I was meant to be single so be it.

Then in August he emailed me 6 months after we stopped communicating and asked if I wanted to meet up because he was coming to my town. We met had a blast …he is absolutely hilarious definitely an Aqua and can see through fickleness very quickly.

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Today, we had a conversation online and it seems that I have had an effect on him than I thought I did. Trust me just let him do his thing and you will surely see the results just keep it light and fun. Hi, I also met an aqua online and chatted , and he also asked me to meet him, it went well but mine is a strange story. He started to act very aloof. Is it possible to communicate with you via email? I am going crazy and really would appreciate some advice. Thnk you. Hi Aman, I was in a relationship with an aquarius guy myself, and 3 years later he disappeared — a very complicated story.

I have problem communication with my BF. I aint sure what is the problem between us, he jst silent himself. I kept quiet for a week, I am afraid that is this the way for him to say we breaking off or what…please help me and give some advice. I do love him a lot and wish to go to next level….

Hi Aman, I am really confused. Have been involved with an Aquaman for 2 months, who has done all the running. Got along great and not one problem. Would be interested in your thoughts! My guy reassured ne it was absolutely nothing to do with me and just that he had gone from relationship to relationship and had not had a spell on his own and that he needed to do so to sort stuff out in his head. Which somebody could put us out of our misery.

Hi, my last serious relationship was with an Aquarius man and I can tell you he was the most faithful man I have ever met. Yes he liked his space and I gave him that, as I too like my own space, having hobbies that take up my time etc. He chased me in the beginning and after initial contact, took him a week to contact me again to arrange our first date.

In the beginning I had to ask if he was having second thoughts. The only thing is, this week his ex found out about us and tried to argue with me about it, but I stayed calm and came out the better person. We discussed it briefly, but he was pretty much a closed book. I made sure not to bring it up on our last date and was my normal happy self. Hi friends i am an aquarius man. I like one of my collegue. She is also looking intrested in me. But problem is sometimes i felt too much attracted to her.

And sometimes weeks passed by i did not even notice her. And if i am going to propose her i may continue behaving the same way and she will feel hurted. Even 3 months have been passed i am not able to propose her. What do you suggest should i propose her or not.

Hello, I have a situation with an Aquarius. About a year ago I went to Cleveland on a weekend trip. To be safe and save money I contacted through Facebook the son of my parents long time friends. He is about the same age as me and was house sitting for his parents while they were away.

I figured because he has a girlfriend and a life that we would spend limited time together, which was fine with me. The morning after I arrived I found a very nice note from him saying that he would gladly drive me to the museum and then we could have lunch after I was done there. At lunch his behavior was really puzzling. He was friendly one moment and distant the next. But later that day we were joking around and it seemed that we had broken through some barrier. He even hugged me when I left. I feel awful, not because he and I were communicating, but because his mom has been going through cancer treatment at the same time as my mom yes they both had breast cancer at the same time.

I feel like a terrible person. Because our parents are such good friends I would like to be on good terms with him. If it were you, what would it take to forgive? Should I wait until the next time I see him to apologize? Or should I contact him and give him my regrets? Many thanks! About what I would had felt or reacted, well, I would had asked you first that why you did un-friend me and if the reason would be what you have just told, I would had forgotten it like it never happened.

I am sure all would go fine. Thank you so much for your well wishes. I will send him a message and apologize. AMAN, n he was with his cousin.. The person you have met is someone else, not me! Select, Ctrl C, Ctrl V.. If you would have taken time to read it a little carefully, the text is quoted and is indeed credited to Linda Goodman as well! In any case, this is my blog and I hold all the rights what to write here.

But before giving a comment, please make sure that its valid and relevant! Hi, I need serious help!!!!! I have been involved in an internet relationship with an Aqua man for the past year. We chatted almost every single day, laughed perfusely and he even contacted me via phone on the odd occasion. On numerous occasions, he has told me that he is in love with me do I believe him and I have told him exactly how I feel about him too.

I am head over heels for the man and would literally do anything for him. He went through a patch a few months ago where he became very distant but I just left it at that and kept sending him positive thoughts and funny e-mails. Over the weeks I have heard from him less and less and last week he e-mailed to say he is going to be casting away for a couple of days 5 days to be exact. I e-mailed a funny mail to ask if he had fallen off the face of the earth and have had no reply — he has never ever done this before.

Should I keep sending just random e-mails, or should I just totally shut off and see what happens?? Its been a couple of weeks that I have been friends with an Aquarian Man.. For all these years in college, he was the only guy I had not interacted with.. He approached me for the first time in our final yer and now we are such good friends.. Im a taurean.. We talk for hours..

I tell him I miss him soo much.. I am confuse…does he just consider me as his friend? He says he likes me, dreams about me, misses me.. S : Ive read that taurus and aquas dont go well with each other… it depresses me.. I must say that you indeed are very innocent. You would go well along with the guy or not, its something whose part would be decided by you two people, not your signs would have a major role in it!

So just stay put, be yourself, believe in yourself! Very Aquarius of you! Thanks for the kind words. I am glad that you did like my random ramblings. But trust me, over all, we are very nice at least I can vouch for one, no prize for guessing who ;! Some of my personal life requirements are bang on, based on the article you have posted here.

I was with a direct opposite of mine, a emotional, over reacting, extremely volatile, touchy, heart ruled female and boy oh boy, it was Chaos from day 1. My weakness was her strength sensitivity, emotional aspects , her weakness was my strength rational, intellectual, forward looking etc. I though its a perfect blend, she thought the exact opposite way and tried to confine me and force me and put me in a box with set of predetermined emotional expectations. Ours was a classic mind vs heart battle and there was no winner. I have been with a aquarian man for 2 years, And now he as gone into his man cave again.

He told me Friday that he needed space this weekend, and that he would be alone and dont worry. He said that he needed time to relax and time to think. And then he thanked me.

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And I have not heard from him again, sense then. We have had our problems and the first started of our relationship was so great, and I went into it as just friends nothing more, and then he told me 4 months into the relationship that he wanted to take it to the next level, I thought he meant spending the night together, and he meant us moving in together.

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I did not understand how can a man who just meet me wanted us to move in together. I told him I thought he meant for me to stay over that night, I had never spent the night, so you see being with anquaius man is so different, they dont always say that they mean. Then he got scared and the temtation was great, he say a lady who came in to his office and she was giving him the eye, and he said he took the bait. This went on for a year with this person, until I found her on face book and we became friends, and then we talked and then I found out he was seeing me and her at the same time.

When I found out she confronted him and I did it same time and he did not know what to do, see men who have high positions in there jobs, think that they are invinsable and they can do anything that they want, so they cheat. I was so upset that I broke it off with him and she told him that she hated him that to forget her, so you see I thought that he was gone forever. Then he calls and wants to see me again, and I said why did you cheat on me and he said because he could. That is how the aquan men think, they think they can have any women and then they dump them when things get so serious.

But then when you dont give them a second thought and you loved them and then you dont responed to them, they can not take it. They will hunt you down and keep trying and until they get you back just to do it again. And now we have been having problems again, and now he is in his man cave again, so I needed to mention that he is in a different city then me, and he thinks he can go anything and I wont find out, but I am one of the smart women who as family and friends who checks up on him.

They hate it when you catch them and then they have to tell the truth, they will if you keep on, but I am not happy any more with the games that aquian men play. Just remember they are sweet talkers, and you will always love them for that. So, I wish that I can tell you that I will still be here when he gets back to his old self, but I have been beaten down to much and I want to love me again and I want to be loved back, so please tell me what to do.

He has asked me to give him space this weekend, and here it is Saturday morning , and my heart his breaking and know word from him. We are best of friends and even better lovers. So, do I wait for him or do I give up. Run as fast as you can.. I have a close aqua friend and I found many true things about him in this page. I highly respect his ambitions side and inventive brain. Its always fun when we are together, he tend to try new or even weird things that I can suggest anything and find him in the process of making us in it, I really do enjoy it all.

We mainly spoke through text and email. He is 6 years my junior. I saw him only twice a month. This he said was owing to his young children visiting from abroad holland regularly. He would say he liked me then ignore me for 2 weeks at a time. On a number of occasions I broke it off as it felt as though he was playing me. He once said love ya via text! I begged and pleaded. In the January we met and made love. I went away. At the end of Feb I met a cancer. Thing deteriorated with the cancer but I became pregnant, finding out after we had split.

I ran to the aqua for comfort which he gave me. He even said he wished the baby was his and not the cancer. So here I am pregnant and in love with the man who is not the father. To make matters worse the aqua has gone back to holland, however he says he misses me he always wants me and always has me.

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I asked him to visit me in uk he says he will. Then ignores me. So I said not to bother visit me… And he replies when is the babies scan do I know the sex yet have I thought of names. My question is, is there a future for aqua and I? I love him so much but realise he is living his life. When I try to walk away he says something that captures my heart. Does he really miss me and want me. Please understand my poor english, as english is not my first language.

As i m Taurus, my nature is very calm, theoritical, individual, secretive, straight mind, caring and introverted, Whereas my bf is logical, active, live, outgoing, political, deligent with his own interest, bright eyed though bit unstable minded by his cretive nature. You will also have many chances to evolve professionally, but with a bit of effort and commitment. Practicing a sport is recommended because it helps them to strengthen the immune system and to maintain shape.

Fatigue can occur, but overall, this year is going to be milder than in terms of health. In , the love and social life will represent the main interest areas. The Fire Signs will have many satisfactions, and for the couples that tried for many consecutive years to have children, Jupiter will make miracles in this regards and will create a favorable context.

Certainty, some exceptions may exist, depending on the particularities of the personal horoscope, which is made taking into consideration the place, date and the exact hour. But, in general, the year is announcing to be quite peaceful. The existing relationships will proceed in the normal parameters. And in case of new relationships, it is unlikely for them to evolve in some stormy passions or who knows what turbulences that could significantly affect the existence of the natives. The feelings and passion of Scorpio are going to reach maximum levels this year, and this can only be a good thing, especially in love.

Since , for many years, Neptune has been in Pisces. In December , Saturn also returned home, in Capricorn. In November , Jupiter also moved in Sagittarius. Take full advantage of these periods that display a maximum of planetary energy to complete your big projects. On March 5, Mercury enters in a retrograde position for the first time in , and it will maintain its position until March Its influence will be powerful not only for Pisces, but also for the other two Water signs: Cancer and Scorpio.

Between July 8 and August 1, we can discuss about a period of introspection, reanalysis, reorganization, corrections and return to some projects, relationships, actions. It is not recommended to start new actions, to launch new projects or businesses. It is time to resume some discussion, to make some corrections to the projects that were started few years ago, to renegotiate contracts, partnerships and we can also restart some courses or change our minds about other courses, or friendships.

In October, Mercury will deliver a coup de grace: we will witness the recognition of the true values and the punishment of those who tried to take advantage of others for the past 27 years. The third period is when Mercury goes back to a direct trajectory, on November 20, in Scorpio.