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Next year we come into alignment with an extremely auspicious Lo Tu and Ho Tu combination. The patterns are exceptional for establishing sustained good fortune. The kind that can last multiple, generations. With Mercury in the Ox sign on Dec.

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The winter Ox is in harmony with Jupiter in the Bird sign. It adds benefits and shows support for the mystic triad with the Serpent sign. Mercury brings tangible results for the Dragon too.

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The mercurial Ox is glorified and radiates a mass appeal in a multiverse. New and Sun and Moon in the Rat sign Dec. Every detail will be attended to and every contingency prepared for. The planets give us a shimmering, table of treasures and delight to choose from. Never have we had so much opportunity to do so much good at our fingertips. When ingenuity of spirit is required you can count on the Rat to team up and make the grade.

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  • Rat Sun and Moon is sure to pique curiosity and please the senses of our souls. There are tough-luck star combinations in January. Cure and protect by enhancing security practices. The good news in is the Flying Star formations. Insurmountable obstacles will be overcome for long-term success. Alignments bring harmony on a higher level. Couples, clans, cultures and cooperatives will accelerate growth. Rat luck is a combination of wealth and fulfillment stars that are a big, bonanza of good fortune. If you are inspired toward a new idea, it is likely to succeed. What you begin now has supreme, potential to become hugely, profitable.

    Often in the world of business concepts are tested first. They are tried, to be made true. A stroke of genius luck that needs to be acted-on, out of the wild blue, may supersede that rule. Before you get a chance to grab your clip board you could be rolling in thunder as a rainmaker. Ox luck is a barrel of sour pickles that need to be tossed out. Deep cuts in programming that leave you vulnerable are for your own good. As Mercury crosses over Pluto it grinds up salt and rubs it, in an old wound. Something from the past could rear its ugly head. Be confident if you have made every effort to put forth truth, plain and clear.

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    When you stand accountable for your actions you have nothing to fear. Candor is key. Tiger luck is going through cut backs and needs a security overhaul.

    The Six Star acts as a shield and the Seven Star is a sword. Avoid all legal hassles. This holiday season you need a solid, personal, plan for staying centered. To feel accomplished, do not let circumstances define you. Things in general will regress before they grow. Reductions are simply an ebb, before the flow. Caution is noted to not over correct. Instead keep cycling through the changes that allow you to feel empowered. Hare luck is rounding the corner on a batch of tight margins. Everything is just-in-time and to the limit.

    The minor overlap is running you a little, ragged. Rest is the best recipe for the lack of luster, in these star patterns.

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    Think of this as your annual hibernation period. Whatever gets in the way, take it to the cave and let it go. Rather than using your energy racing around to cover fronts that keep popping-up just let this parade pass by. Quiet stillness and self-reflection work wonders to refresh your coffers.

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    Dragon luck is not as sharp and shiny as you like it. Your armor needs some tending and mending to remove all the chips on your shoulder. I know it feels like everyone else is the reason for: fill-in-the blank. What gets your attention, most often, grows from the constant exposure. To improve fortunes and hone your powers of persuasion, refine your approach and limit your scope. Once you have your sights-set, pitch and present your game plan to learn and learn a lot about the process.

    Snake luck will need to climb every mountain and ford every stream to find the elixir of life.

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    You just need to find the natural grooves that lead to the mother-lode. Go slow and let your intuition guide you. Assert yourself with more frequency, for more currency. Horse luck finally gets a brake and takes a bow in the center arena. Through all the challenges and obstacles this year you begin to see advantages show-up and rewards, unfold.

    Keep branding your method to the madness of the modern world. Put your mark and stamp on everything. Horses have shown themselves capable of resilience in the face of great change. Now that the tide is turning, politically, you must run to catch the next wave. Watch the trends.

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    Goat luck is ringing bells and blowing whistles. This is a time when reindeer step-up to take their show on the road. With a sure-footed ascent on to the stage, the deer and goat herds bring forth a spirit that is merry and bright for the masses. This is a bumper year for glad tidings that lead to significant increases and accelerate your progress at work. Your personal profile rises to a new plateau as your relationships are bonded and set-in, stone. In order to understand just how astrological energies, compel and influence us, you have to understand that Astrology is driven by the Hermetic principle of As Above, So Below.

    In other words, the actions of the heavens such as the orbit of the Planets, Moon, and Sun can have a cascading influence down here on Earth. There are several ways Astrology is applied to help the individual understand their internal composition and personality. There are several great resources for learning more about Astrology on the internet. At American Gypsy Herbalist we like to tap into the expertise and knowledge of our friend Appalachian Astrologer for all our Astro needs! Appalachian Astrologer runs a well written and extremely informative blog on Astrology that covers how the heavens influence not just our disposition and lives, but even our health, luck, and career success!

    To learn more about Appalachian Astrologer, and the art and science of Astrology, visit our friend on FB or their website listed below:. Written by Zach Champ Outer Space has captivated humans since the beginning of time.

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    Photo Courtesy via Unsplash. The Zodiac: What exactly is the Zodiac? The Zodiac is an important piece of the nighttime sky, forming a band that stretches across the Galactic Ecliptic and which contains all the constellations of stars familiar to us back home on Earth. This is known as the Sun Sign or what people commonly refer to as their Zodiacal Sign. Each constellation is associated with certain individual qualities and personality traits. Understanding the peculiarities of each constellation is important as it is believed that daily life, love, and relationships, career and money, as well as general health can all be influenced by these.

    Natal Astrology is universal to almost all cultural systems of Astrology practiced including Western Astrology, Chinese Astrology, and Vedic Astrology. Understanding the positioning of all these aspects in relation to the individual can help an Astrologer understand the personality, life path, and other characteristics of an individual.