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Gemini season begins on May 21, a day that ushers in the heat and electricity of summer.

What Do You Want to Know About Geminis?

Gemini is accordingly excellent at guiding change and transformation. These curious twins are terrific pioneers, using their energy to spearhead innovative creative projects.

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A fearless thinker, Gemini is always down to try something new. Both Gemini and Virgo are governed by Mercury, the messenger planet of communication. Despite sharing a planetary ruler, however, these two signs are opposite in their approaches: Gemini expresses emotions externally, whereas Virgo processes internally. Gemini is all about output, so these twins love to chat and often speak with their hands which happens to be the body part associated with Gemini.

Communication is paramount for them, and they require fluent streams of transmission.

Gemini Traits and Star Sign Personality |

They love texting and tweeting almost as much as they love talking IRL. In fact, the act of expression is often even more important to loquacious Gemini than what is actually being said, and they must remember to be thoughtful with their words. Another incredible Gemini quality, however, is that these natural chameleons can quickly recover from even the most shameful foot-in-mouth moments.

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  4. Gemini moves too fast to care about embarrassing missteps: They simply move on. Allow astrologer Aliza Faragher to explain which signs you're most compatible with:. Another side-effect of their curiosity is engaging in a multitude of things, all at once and naturally ending up leaving most or all of them unfinished. The symbol of the sign, the Twins, perfectly depicts this constant internal struggle.

    It is not considered the most sociable sign for nothing. However, if these two are strongly attracted to each other and are prepared to show considerable patience, this can lead to a perfect blend of durability and flexibility.

    Duality of Nature

    The problem with this combination is that it lacks the elements that could make it stand the test of time. The loose ties that bind these partners together are liable to break easily. This is a love-match that has a lot going for it, allowing both partners to grow and enhance their respective personalities. But the way they think is radically different and this can lead to major communication gaps.

    Gemini Sign Traits Overview

    This is a particularly flexible love match, but for their relationship to blossom, they both need to put in some effort to cultivate their bond and turn it into something special. If they truly love each other, their conflicts may strengthen their ties. Coupled together, they can enjoy an intellectual and unconventional romance, which can endure if they do not neglect to nurture their emotional bond. The key to a successful love match resides in patience, a willingness to meet the other half way. The flirty Gemini man is witty, scatty but sharp where it counts and instantly lovable to many many people.

    Get to know a little about a lot of things to hold their interest, or go the other way and let them hog the limelight and impress you with their vast general knowledge and big them up about it. Either extreme will do. Lady Gemini is a quick thinker and a little tinker, always ahead of the game thanks to her curiosity and quick intelligence.

    21 Personality Secrets of Gemini Zodiac Sign

    She likes to have her fingers in many pies and will easily change her name, her job, her life and appearance to keep up with the times. Curiosity drives Lady Gemini ever forward.

    She can get a conversation going in no time and listens to others when they speak. A constant flow of places, faces, thoughts, here today and gone tomorrow. She speaks her mind and is a great networker, blogger and make-things-happen person.

    Personality Traits of a Gemini

    She loves learning new things and this keeps her forever young and interesting. You will never be bored with Lady Gemini. Is it true that she has multiple personalities?