February 14 blood moon astrology

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Intuitive Astrology: Super Blood Moon Eclipse January 12222

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Moon Phases for Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand in 12222

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Regulus Royal Starseed Full Moon in Virgo Week of February 14-212019 Quantum Astrology

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But wait, what is a snow moon?

Scorpio Season invites us to honor the more mysterious elements of life. Themes of magic, death, and rebirth will dominate these days. Holidays like Samhain—a Gaelic festival that marks the end of […]. I don't share your info with anyone else. If you like what you read each week, if you find solace or inspiration in these words, or if you just appreciate the occasional pep talk, consider making a small monthly contribution. Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Taurus — November Take what works for you, leave the […] Read On.

A "ring of fire" annular eclipse — which happens when the moon doesn't quite cover the entire sun, leaving a ring around the edges — will take place on Dec. A pair of solar eclipses will occur in , too. Then, on Dec. The United States, which experienced a total solar eclipse in , will get another total one in The planet Mercury will pass directly across the sun from Earth's perspective on Nov.

Unlike a solar eclipse, a transit takes several hours. But you will need special equipment to shield your eyes from the sun if you want to watch this planetary journey. Editor's Note: This article has been corrected to reflect that the upcoming total solar eclipse across the United States is in , not , and that the partial eclipse in is a lunar eclipse.


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