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There are going to be many people that will be drawn to you and unfortunately, a lot of them are toxic. A lot of them can actually cause permanent harm. Not only do you need to avoid those people , but you really need to work on your ability to develop deeper emotional bonds. Know the difference. Those with a birthday on January 24 possess a tremendous amount of social charm. You can go into any room and never feel intimidated.

The Leo-Virgo Cusp in Astrology

This is why you are best fitted for a job involving sales or business development. You also make for a great company president or CEO. Any job that requires you to travel all over the world, meet very interesting and often strange people, would be right up your alley. You really know how to charm people. The funny thing about all of this is that it comes as second nature to you.

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Once you get a positive feeling of how things are being done, you then take things to a much higher level and, most of the time, it works out. Like it or not, and believe it or not, the quality of your acquaintances matter quite a bit for business, social and personal success. You just have this knack of reading people. You just happen to be naturally gifted with the ability to identify, pick up on, and correctly interpret these verbal and non-verbal signals. You pay such a big focus on quantity that many people that would otherwise be close friends with you, consider you a social butterfly.

They consider you as somebody who may even be a borderline user. Air is your paired element. As an Aquarius, Air has many attributes that govern different aspects of the Aquarius personality.

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Many combinations of chemical compounds, when exposed to the air, explode, solidify, become liquid or otherwise experience all sorts of chemical reactions. Air is crucial for reactions and this describes your personality. Whenever you go into a room, you bring something extra to the room that enables you to become the center of attention.

From a social perspective, it might as well appear that way because people start talking about you.


Uranus is a very mysterious planet, but it also projects a warm glow. This warm glow is reflected in your social charm.

You should avoid being a social butterfly. Other than that, you should deepen your acquaintances so those social relationships would turn out to be more effective for you. As a relationship-oriented person, you love to help people and have a hard time saying no when you know someone needs a hand! You also know that saying yes to as many opportunities as possible can help you connect with many people and send you on brilliant adventures.

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  8. Confusion follows Neptune most places, but your intuition will guide you through the fog as Mercury connects with Neptune on January Venus connects with Mars on January 18, and a super social energy is flowing! Uranus can be overwhelming! There is so much change taking place, and most of it is catching you off guard.

    Find ways to ground yourself and avoid people who drag you down.

    January 24 Zodiac Sign

    A break from the norm is needed now—so take it! A whirlwind of romance comes as your ruling planet Venus squares off with Neptune on January 20—just remember to stay grounded!

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    Things may look good, but aren't what they seem. Mark January 22 on your calendar—Venus will meet lucky Jupiter then, which will bring some fantastic news your way and present a lovely opportunity to connect with people. January 21 brings a lunar eclipse and a super moon in Leo—so dramatic! This is going to be major for your social life: big reveals will take place, and you may find yourself moving out of a social circle or a group or organization you previously associated with.

    Some dreams you have had for the future may be dashed—and it may be heartbreaking!

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    But new dreams are on the way. Mars squares Saturn on January 21, which will find us confronting some obstacles and perhaps lacking energy, but some very cute messages are still likely to come your way thanks to Mercury entering Aquarius on January Productivity flows when Mars connects with Jupiter on January 25, and an important perspective arrives as the sun meets Mercury on January 29—watch out for an interesting invitation.

    The month wraps up with Saturn connecting with Neptune on January 31—remember when I told you to stay grounded around all these big plans you want to make this year? This is a wonderful day to seek support around all the goals you want to accomplish—to reach out for help!

    Good luck this month, Libra, and see you in February!