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Hence HL lord is exceptionally strong and placed centrally. Shows up as GL in the JHora software. This lagna is to be seen for analyzing the power and authority of an individual. Look in the Warren Buffet horoscope again. GL falls in Virgo! Needless to explain in detail as we just discussed the position of Mercury which is very strong. Further note that GL falls in the 10th house itself. Which is by default the sign of professional success and power in a horoscope.

This triply reinforces the analysis of Mercury as lord of 10th in 10th being great. Hence for an astrologer looking at Mercury placed exalted in 10th causing a mahapurush yoga and hence good rise in life, noticing that GL coincides with 10th house should strengthen his belief in his prediction of a great career and social status of an individual. HL is in Capricorn. Ruler of Capricorn co-rules the 2nd house from HL and is saturn. Not just that, saturn is deeply conjunct its best friend Venus which is also in its Mooltrikona sign and hence very strong itself. Considering HL as Capricorn, this is a double whammy in positivity.

It causes Malavya mahapurush yoga as well as Sasa yoga and a conjunction of 2 deep friends both of which have great dignity. Now look from Arudha lagna AL which is the image to the world. AL is virgo with mercury exalted in the lagna itself causing bhadra mahapurush yoga. This corroborates the reading from HL. Above all, fate supercedes everything! Just the saying goes "marriages are made in heaven". What does it signify? Do these planets have any influence on the earth?

How can one define these influences? During the Vedic Era, the Sages and the Saints known as Rishis and Munis used to calculate the time from the sunrise till sunset by viewing the shadows. During night time they used the stars positions to judge the time of the moment. Unlike these days they never had any clock and measuring instruments, yet they were far more accurate in finding the planetary positions and their movements.

What they found is astonishingly accurate to today's developed science and technology. They identified the planets and its influence on the earth and its particles so precisely that each planet has some relative element in its existence. Listed below are some of the links and examples that are quite relevant to Astrology and its notions. Sun being the largest star in our Solar system, while passing its rays to the earth, also touches many other planets before entering into the earth's atmosphere. Thus radiation emanated from the Sun is a mixture of rays with contamination from other planets.

These mixed rays are suitable for some and not so for others, whether human or otherwise. To overcome these problems they found simple solutions from nature itself and discovered that each planet is, in one or other way linked to the nature, viz. They precisely found the links and identified it with remarkable influences.

For instance, wheat is identified with Sun and if a person has the Star Sun placed in a weaker position, then he is advised to substitute wheat with other food items. Like wise, for each planet they marked a particular grain, mineral, metal, tree or plant, color and flower. Within my limited knowledge, I give below the list of each planet and its relative substance on the earth. I am giving hereunder the sample stones also for one to recognize.

Now what about its effects and influences on humans?

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How can one be sure which color or stone suites someone best? What effect these gems will have on a person? Let us study these points one by one. First, let us discuss the planet Saturn. People in general tend to fear saying this planet's name and are scared once they find that they are under the influence of Saturn Saade Sathi or the so called Seven and half years period of Saturn's cycle. When Iron substance is excessively found in one's body then the neuron chips in the brain gets disturbed.

Thus the emitting of brain wave is also disturbed or scattered and this puts a person under. Saturn's effects to great hardship. People tend to ignore this person. Many a time clashes occur. A person under its influence is likely to slip from his or her routine. They are more often attracted towards unwanted and unlawful activities. Greed takes them for a ride and they may even tend to go for gambling, howsoever a refined person he or she may be.

Saturn is a very slow moving planet and it takes roughly two and half years to cross one sign of 30 degrees. Unless it is a new moon or full moon day, generally during all Saturdays, the atmospheric pressure is very minimal. This low pressure in atmosphere causes lethargic attitude in most of us and for those who suffer from the Seven and Half years Sade Sathi period of Saturn, in particular. That's why persons affected by it become lazy and lethargic during the ill effect period. This I have seen in many peoples' horoscopes that practically during the Saturn's ill effect periods known as Sade Sathi, they tend to forget even most important assignment, lose valuable items, become very lethargic and inactive, lose weight, and spend money more than usual and mostly borrow it even if it is for higher interest rates etc.

Many a person who suffered these bad effects were given some remedial suggestions according to astrological considerations. If a person wears a blue sapphire stone during that specific period, the Saturn's ill effects are minimal. But how a stone or gem can bring solace is questioned by many. The fact is that the mineral content in a particular stone and the cosmic radiation combined together are beneficial, that much one can be sure of.

And there is always a link between our Mother Earth and the Celestial movement of planets; even the researchers inform, that some sort of sound emission from other planets too reaches the Earth; this sound vibration too causes some disturbances with any person affected during the 7and half year Saade Sathi period. Some alternative methods are also suggested to weed off Saturn's radiations. This method is practically done on every Saturday evenings in the famous South Indian temples which hold a separate location for the Temple of Planets.

This method supposedly relieves one from Saturn's ill effects, viz. In addition, the skull punch or the focal point, from where brain waves are emitted also ventilates the Saturn's radiations. Another such method is, just to keep the gingili seeds into one's palm for few minutes and then to gift it to a Brahman. It is said, that gingili seeds absorbs the Saturn's rays directly from the body and gives relief to the sufferer.

This is also done on a Saturday. It is widely believed that the receiver of this gingili gets the ill effects of the Planet Saturn and the receiver is mostly a Brahman. This I shall discuss in a separate article under Duties of a Brahmin. Though this is called a shadow planet and it takes anti clock wise move, its influence in one's horoscope is very high.

Very particularly during its Dasa period of 18 years. Rahu represents many ill aspects in general. In short this planet mostly gives only negative results when it is ill placed in one's horoscope. If there is any conjunction with other planet, this result may, however, vary. Likewise, if this planet is placed in the 6th house, the native is likely to suffer from skin ailments, skin burns, dryness, sore skin etc.

That too when the Rahu Dasa is running; and if Rahu is transiting through the 6th house, then ill effects are sure to be there and critical too. To weed off the negative aspects of this planet, there are many remedial suggestions given in the ancient astrology. One such suggestion is to consume the essence of the Blade Grass daily, about three to five tea spoonfuls, for a consecutive 48 days.

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This medicinal remedy is so powerful that I have seen people getting better after consuming it. Another kind of remedy somewhat resembles pressure therapy. It is believed that if a person under Rahu's influence is made to lay on the black gram seeds for a particular no. Also the pressure of the seeds on the body. Now for the fourth alternate suggestion given in the astrology scripts. It is widely known as a pilgrimage to the temples which cures any ailments that relate to Rahu's placement in a native's birth chart.

There are 3 such temple locations for Rahu and Ketu. It is self explanatory. The third Planet people worry about is Ketu. This is also a shadow planet and it is always at degrees opposite to Rahu. This planet too moves in anti clock wise direction. Ketu is the kaaraka or cause for many good and bad events in one's life. Mars, is identified as the Ruling planet of earth and known as Bhoomi Karaka. It is denoted with brothers, Fire, Accidents, cuts, wounds, injuries, rudeness, anger, short temper, lethal weapon and War.

It is also a most feared planet in general and marriage alliance seekers in particular. People in India are too scared about the planet Mars known as Kuja or Mangal. It is a very foolish idea that marriages in India are delayed only on this count. I know a number of persons affected by branding them as "manglik" They fear that if a person is married to a non manglik either one of them will die soon. The fear of reduced longevity for one of the coupled makes everyone to think twice before the wed lock.

As many astrologers profess this as a major cause or set back for one's marriage, many of the match making efforts are tactically rejected showing only on this count. No doubt, the planetary influences are to the maximum extent causing some imbalances in everybody's life, it certainly cannot be taken as granted to reject an alliance only on the ground that the person is "manglik".

My father, Late Shri Mukkur Ramabathrachariyar, has once clearly explained to me that a number of matches can be found and suitable alliances can be arranged, if a proper study of the horoscope is undertaken.

For example, majority of the people who fall under Positive Blood group are having the planet Mars in their or 12th houses. However, there are exceptions given based on the placement of Mars occupying or in conjunction with some beneficial planets. Likewise, majority of the Non manglik horoscopes, which I have seen are of Negative Blood groups where Mars is placed in their Natal Chart at or 11th house from Ascendant or Moon sign. Here again, many exceptions are given, someone having Mars in the 7th house can be of Positive Blood group and some one who has the Mars placed in the 3rd or 5th of their natal chart can be of Negative Blood group.

But leaving the exceptions, majority of the cases are as aforesaid. Although it is the placement of the Mars that is now being considered here, let us discuss some most vital points too. If the birth time given is wrong, then the entire horoscope is wrong and meaningless. In most cases, when the birth is taking place in the hospitals, the birth timing is not so seriously taken.

I found myself in the mess, that a staff nurse in the hospital writing the timing as 2. I was waiting outside the ward room when it happened. And I did check and note the time. Alas, the staff nurse found her time to note the entries only at a time that was suitable to her, hence she fixed the birth time!

In such cases, can one fully depend only on the horoscopes' matching?


Is there any astrologer who takes the risk and blame for rejecting a perfect match, otherwise found to be manglik? They are known as border cases or the junctions, when actually they may not be one! I emphasis here, for the readers to understand that manglik is not any untoward. Nor should one have any fear of it. It is nothing but a classification of Blood group that can be judged by the placement of Mars in their natal chart.

What does lagna mean?

In simples terms, Negative goes with Negative and Positive with Positive. Whether it is electricity or human body, the rule is same.


So when next time you search for an alliance, if you find the match is perfect in every respect excepting the placement of Mars, then better you go for matching the blood group rather than fully depending on the unpredictable astrology!! I am not blaming the subject Astrology as unpredictable, predictably, most of the astrologers do it in haste, without considering the consequences.

This is where they fail and mismatch many horoscopes that fails in practical life. There are two systems to calculate one's horoscope viz.

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Nirayana and Sayana; The Hindu and Indian system mostly follows the Nirayana System that is vastly experienced as the best suited one. The placement of Mars or Mangal known in Tamil as Kujan and its house-wise position effects are listed below. If the Lagna or Ascendant and the Moons sign is same for a person, then it is considered that the the Kuja dosham is doubled! It is most vital to see the Hindu System astrological calculations, which is considered as an effective one in finding the results.

According to the Devakolam system now prevailing in Kerala and in some parts of Tamilnadu one should also check this Mangal's effect from the Venus Sukran also.