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The spring equinox, March 21, is the beginning of the new zodiacal year and Aries , the first sign, is therefore that of new beginnings. The young ram is adventurous, ambitious, impulsive, enthusiastic and full of energy. The Arian is a pioneer both in thought and action, very open to new ideas and a lover of freedom. They welcome challenges and will not be diverted from their purpose except by their own impatience, which will surface if they don't get quick results.

Aries subjects are courageous leaders with a genuine concern for those they command, being responsible people, it is rare that they will use their subordinates to obtain their own objectives as leaders, but occasionally it does happen. They do not make very good followers because they are too "take charge". They may be unwilling to obey or submit to directions for which they can see no reason, or with which they disagree.

They are much concerned with self, both positively and negatively - self-reliant but also self centered sometimes and concerned with their own personal advancement and physical satisfaction. Their immense energy makes them aggressive and restless, argumentative occasionally, headstrong, quick tempered, easily offended and capable of holding grudges if they feel themselves affronted. As the first sign in the zodiac, you, as an Arian as you are referred to , is to simply "get something started and lead the way".

The Sun in this zodiac position gives your will free rein to express itself. You could be doing this in the form of some leadership role, or by forcing others to look at themselves in a new way. You can accomplish this by knowingly carrying out a deliberate act in the name of some cause that moves you. A negative effect of this sun sign is that you could sometimes unknowingly make it hard for others to relate to you, as you really are.

In your personal relationships Arians are frank, direct and candid, and make enthusiastic and generous friends. You are liable to have a high sex drive and make passionate but fastidious lovers. There is, however, a negative side to your associations with other people. You can easily be irritated by slowness or moderation in your companions and, though yourselves sensitive, ride roughshod over the sensitivities of others.

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The intensity of your sexual urges can drive you to promiscuity and a Don Juan-like counting of conquests of the opposite sex. It can also trick you into early unwise marriage which may end disastrously. Arians are highly devoted to their children, even to the point of laying down their own lives, so that they might live. You will not find a more defensive and loving parent in all the zodiac.

It is preferable to be aware of your pioneering spirit and not disregard it. For in acknowledging it you not only enjoy life more, but you avoid being pushed around by others. Your nature is usually push or be pushed, with little middle ground. This can at times be objectionable to others, but you must have the freedom to act, rather then just thinking about it, getting pent-up in the process. At all costs you need to avoid negative emotions such as resentment, regret and self-pity, for they would deny you what is essential to your nature: straightforwardness.

Mentally Arians are intellectual and objective, but can be in rare situations bigoted and extremist in religion and politics. Flowers connected with the sign are Lily of valley myrtle, lavender, fern, orchid, lilac, azalea, nut-bearing trees and hazel. The positive aspect of the sign: Native of this sign is flexible and quite versatile. A person born under this sign has a quest for knowledge and seek intellectual stimulation. With a lot of energy packed in, native finds it hard to stick to one thing at a time.

Getting educated is a preference for a person born under this sign. Native possess very good oratory skills coupled with a very good memory. Gemini born can manage whatever position being held. Native can impress and convince people, even though not knowing the subject. The natural ability of natives can help natives succeed in professions like coaching, teaching, advertising, journalism, writing as well. Gemini born can be an expert in sales and business. Native is surely a good listener and also has an excellent ability to start a conversation.

Gemini needs to avoid selfishness, tension, worry, apprehension, discontent, skepticism, inconsistency, being indecisive, quick-tempered and lack of self-confidence. Avoid being heretic and remain cool-headed. C ancer is ranked as the fourth sign of the zodiac. Cancer is also the first movable watery sign.

Crab is a symbol of this sign. Fast-moving planet Moon is the ruler of the sign. Mighty Jupiter gets inspired here. For Mars, this is a sign of debilitation. General information: This being a water sign. Cancer is estimated as cold moist, feminine, negative of long ascension, tropical and northern.

It is construed as fruitful, maternal, mute and phlegmatic. Native has a high level of sensitivity. Cancer born fancy water sports much. Being a moveable sign native is willing for change but is also bothered with security. A native of this sign is receptive and nurturing but lacks in vitality.

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In the human body, Cancer corresponds to breasts, chest and also with the pancreas and thoracic duct. Artillery associated with this sign is those serving the stomach. Mammary, gastric and diaphragmatic veins are ruled by this zodiac sign of Cancer. Colors corresponding to Cancer are white, sky blue, grey, light blue, light green and also leaf green among others.

In his late forties, native develops an attraction towards spirituality. Positive Aspect of Cancer: Cancer native has a fertile imagination and is thoughtful. Native cares and is found about home and family. The person has a tough memory. Native inclines frugal, economical and interested to possess the goods of life. Cancer born is receptive to new ideas and readily adapts to a new environment comfortably. Negative Aspect of Cancer: Being trepid, variation, fantasy, vanity, untruthfulness, changeability, emotional , touchiness, pride, disorderliness, jealousy and laziness.

Special Tips: Cancer born needs to remain dedicated to the task at hand and also committed to a relationship. Abstain from being critical to extreme and untruthfulness. L eo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It is a fixed natured fiery sign.

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Leo is expressed by royal Lion. No planet gets either exalted or weakened in this sign. Great Sun rules the sign. General information: Leo is measured as hot, dry, masculine, positive, is of long ascent, northern, barren, bestial, commanding, fortuitous, broken, strong and bitter. As the king of the jungle, Leo native is proud and confident — about self, of own ability and knowledge. The native tends to be large-hearted and merciful, always eager to oblige.

Native has the spirit of youth and vigor and is a great performer.

Aries Sign Dates & Traits

A native of this sign possesses keen judgment, astonishing candor, and truly admirable wit. The person likes the idea of being in love.

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Leo born has a kind of elegant taste practically at all levels. The person born under this sign loves sports with a variety of gorgeous touch. Entertaining in golf, yachting, polo, horse riding, and car racing sets the native well. Birth colors connected with this sign are gold, orange, and red. In metal, gold corresponds with this sign. Flowers and plants connected with this sign are Sunflower, rosemary, marigold and citrus fruits like orange, palm trees, and even olive trees.

In the body, Leo relates to the heart, indicative of higher power, as well as spinal marrow, nerves, and fiber. Positive Aspect of Leo: Native of this sign is always positive and extrovert. A person born under this sign is strong , dominating, aggressive and high-minded. The native has a high level of commitment to a relationship and goes to do everything to keep loved one in good feelings. A person born under this sign is well focused and hard working. Leo born is always helpful and reasonable by nature. Native is sensitive about the needs of his subordinates. The native tends to be a perfectionist to the core and leaves no room for complaints or allegations.

Negative Aspect of Leo: Negative aspects of Leo are being proud, a dictatorial manner, being overbearing, impetuousness, pomposity, dominance, over sensitiveness, gullibility, and hotheadedness. Special Tips: Leo born needs to cultivate humility and avoid being proud of abilities and knowledge. V irgo is ranked as the sixth sign of the zodiac. Virgo is the dual-natured second of the earthly sign. Some think this as a sign of exaltation for Mercury and sign of debilitation of Venus. Crafty Mercury is the ruler of the sign.

Virgin is a symbol of this sign. Virgo is the only sign signified by a female, in the entire zodiac. General information: Virgo is construed as cold, dry, negative, feminine, is of long ascent, western, barren, nocturnal, scientific, human and material. A native of this sign is very much natural at handling work. Completion is the buzzword for native-born with this sign.

Astrology Aries March 21 - April 19

Most of the Virgo natives tend to be peaceful, shy and quiet at least on the surface. This native usually takes time to react. Virgo born is kind of down-to-earth and easy-going.

Aries Love and Sex

The person is usually is very much neat and orderly and considered as a modest person. Naturally, native is very much cared about his actions and appearances. A person tends to think self as the best. Native is crucial and judgmental about others. He may sound harsh at taking revenge and not forget the hurt. Unwarranted advice is not liked by the natives but always ready to dish out the same to others. Birth colors for this sign are earth tones, ochre, orange and yellow. Other lucky colors considered are Grey, muted yellows, mushroom, blues, greens, and browns. Flowers and plants corresponding to this sign are narcissi all tiny, colored flowers especially blue, yellow and all nuts.

It mainly corresponds to duodenum and peritoneum. Arteries associated are ones serving the digestive system, particularly the intestine. Intestinal veins correspond to the Virgo sign. Positive Aspect of Virgo: Virgo native is hard working, always trying for perfection. Native is not punctual in reacting and is down-to-earth. Native is much careful about presentation and actions as well. Modesty and sincerity is the quality of this sign.

Virgo Born is mentally sharp, has good analytical skills and the ability to pay attention to detail. Negative Aspect of Virgo: Negative aspects about the native of this sign are, being more calculative, selfishness, stress, worry, irritability, apprehension, secretiveness, discontent, judgment, dubiousness, inconsistency, being indecisive, timidity, quick-tempered and low on self-confidence. Special Tips: Native needs to remain level headed and avoid overly anxious. The person needs to avoid being a heretic and not brood over getting hurt. The native needs to avoid holding a grudge for a long time.

Lucky Numbers: 3 and 5 Compatible signs: Taurus and the Capricorn. L ibra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. It is expressed by Scales. This is the only sign of the zodiac, not having a kind of non-living symbol. Venus is the ruler of this airy sign.

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  4. Mighty Sun gets weakened in this sign. Tough taskmaster Saturn gets elated in Libra. General Information: Libra is an airy, cardinal mark. It is measured as Hot, moist, masculine, positive, is of long ascent equinoctial, western. This sign is measured as Semi fruitful, human, confident and scientific. A native of this sign is good at maintaining balance and stability. Libra born tends to be sensitive and can be measured as a peacemaker.

    Moderation is considered as essential of internalizing the fine art of balancing for the native of this sign. Native gets drawn by beauty, money, elegance, success and fine things in life and the lifestyle. Native is true to hilt in love. However, may take time to commit. Once committed, he will not walk out of the relationship often. The birth colors associated with the sign Blue and jade green. Other lucky colors for the native of the sign are shades of blue, light green and pink. Flowers related to Libra are large roses, lilies, violets, and all blue colors.

    In the human body, Libra is concerned with the kidney in particular and the lumbar region in general. Domains of this sign include loins, ovaries and the body of kidneys. Libra epistolizes to distillation, sublimation, and filtration. Lumbar, vertebrae and just below the ribs bones are related to this sign. Arteries going to the kidney and lower back are the domain of the sign. Veins linked are these coming from kidneys and lower back. Positive Aspects of Libra: Libra native favors to be modest and does not believe in throwing his weight around.

    Native can be held as a peacemaker. Native is experienced and popular in groups but not initially. Libra born tends to be subtle, gentle, mild and calm in approach. Aries is a bundle of energy and dynamism, kind of like a Pied Piper, leading people along with its charm and charisma. The dawning of a new day — and all of its possibilities — is pure bliss to an Aries. Did you know that Aries sign dates can change year to year? Along with those traits comes the sheer force of the Aries nature, a force that can actually accomplish a great deal.

    Cardinal Signs love to get things going, and, of all astrology signs, Aries exemplifies this even better than Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Aries is ruled by Mars. Taking a peek at Roman mythology, we find that Mars was the God of War. Our man Mars was unafraid to do battle, and much the same can be said for Aries.

    These star signs are bold, aggressive and courageous. The element associated with Aries is Fire. Think traits like action, enthusiasm and a burning desire to play the game.